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DSL, Google Apps and Microsoft Exchange

Connect your clients to the "cloud" and give them the robust email platform they have been asking for.

With Google Apps Partner Edition, Businesses can offer their employees powerful applications including Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk, and online document sharing. With Google Apps, everyone in your company have a suite of communication and collaboration services.

DNAmail is IKANO's partner for Hosted Exchange and Sharepoint Services. DNAmail can provide you witha fully private labeled Microsoft Exchange 2007 email platform to enable your clients to enhance collaboration and productivity.

Wholesale DSL Internet Access

Offer DSL services to your end users on multiple telecommunications networks within the U.S., including AT&T, Verizon and Covad.
IKANO has created a unified provisioning platform in its newly expanded DSL solution.

Developed in conjunction with Los Angeles based DSL Extreme, the platform provides you the ability to perform real-time multi-telco DSL pre-qualification and a branded real-time order system.

IKANO wholesale DSL Internet Access. Easily manage your subscriptions, pricing, specials, and placed orders. View more information on Wholesale DSL

Wholesale Hosted Exchange

Stay in touch from the office or on the road through your wireless device. Hosted Exchange is perfect for taking work anywhere.
It's the perfect email solution for today's mobile professionals who are always on the go.

With support for most popular mobile devices, including BlackBerry, ActiveSync and IMAP support (for iPhone, Windows Mobile and other devices), IKANO has Exchange Email plans that will be perfect for your business or organization.

Hosted Exchange with Push Technology. Receive important email's and updates directly as they arrive without the need to manually syncronize.
View more information on Wholesale Exchange

Google Apps Partner Edition

Want to offer e-mail to everyone in your office or to a customer base? Google Apps Partner Edition gives you mail and much more!
A suite of applications that include:

Gmail: 7GB+ of shared storage per mailbox
Google Calendar: Shared calendaring
Google Docs: Online document collaboration
Google Talk: Instant messaging and voice over IP
Page Creator: Easily create & publish web pages.
Google Sites: 1-stop sharing for team information.

Google Apps Partner Edition was designed by Google as an affordable solution for ISPs and organizations.
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Call Center Services

Solid, efficient and quality customer service is essential to the maintenance and growth for any business.
The IKANO call center is at the forefront of this initiative.

IKANO has developed and implemented a number of world class call center systems, processes, and self-help tools that allow us to effectively serve our customers.

Save money by outsourcing your fully branded Customer service and technical support solutions to IKANO Communications.
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